Acquisition Due Diligence provides an analysis of a target’s China operational and administrative processes.

Acquisition Due Diligence is conducted during the LOI phase and is complementary to traditional third party legal and accounting assessments.

China Centric works with the Private Equity Group’s transaction team to develop a questionnaire customized to the specific interests of each Client and situation and may include a review of operations (supply chain management, sales force, manufacturing facilities), policies and practices to assess regulatory compliance, functional competencies and organizational effectiveness.

The Due Diligence will identify issues requiring corrective action that will need to be addressed either immediately during the acquisition process or post-closing. China Centric will provide recommendations for compliance or improvement and assists in the execution.

As required China Centric works with the client after the closing of an acquisition, structuring and managing corrective action programs focused on issues identified during the Acquisition Due Diligence. Corrective action programs are custom and company specific. China Centric will work with management to develop a tactical plan and may include targeted improvements in operations, sales and marketing, regulatory compliance, or other strategic opportunities.

China Centric has a deep understanding of operating, cultural and regulatory realities in China. Each Acquisition Due Diligence project is led by a China-based team of expat executives, each with over 20 years of general management experience in China with multi-national companies. 

Acquisition Due Diligence

Acqusition Due Diligence

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