China has a unique regulatory and legal environment. Establishing a business entity is much different than in the U.S. The Chinese government has regulatory requirements in place such as Registered Capital and Scope of Business to control capitalization and operating activities of a new business. China Centric can help your company understand and navigate through these differences to de-risk and accelerate your start-up process.

China Centric has a turnkey structured business start-up process and integrated toolsets that enable a Client to make fully-informed China start-up decisions. The decisions critical to success in China start-up are business related and less legal or financial. China Centric’s line operating experience provides seasoned expertise in managing and advising on the numerous unique considerations involved in starting a China operation, whether it is sales, service, supply chain or manufacturing oriented. China Centric can manage the start-up of a wholly owned or joint venture manufacturing or trading operations inclusive of business model analysis, legal entity filings, site selection, recruiting, equipment importation, business process and internal control implementation, and in-country management bandwidth for early operational oversight.


Business Start-up