BPO Services include turnkey outsource Sales Services and Office Hosting:

  • Outsource Sales Services:
    • China Centric performs turnkey outsource services as the clients’ in-country sales management team ​
    • Minimizes client bandwidth requirements​
    • Leverages China Centric’s existing sales infrastructure, process and resources

  • Sales Office Hosting
    • Establish a dedicated Client Sales team located “hosted” at China Centric’s locations:
      • Shanghai; Zhuhai (Guangdong)
    • Client has its own entity and dedicated employee team
    • China Centric provides turnkey facility and administrative services:
      • Western grade facilities and office infrastructure
      • All administrative services:
      • Finance, cash management, tax coordination
      • Payroll and benefits coordination
      • Internal Control
      • HR oversight and compliance
      • Regulatory compliance and oversight
    • Access to China Centric project bandwidth 


Business Process Outsourcing