China is the fastest growing large market in the world. China continues to generate more new GDP than the U.S., Japan, and Germany combined. China has a growing middle class greater than the entire population of the U.S. As large as the China opportunity is in most industries, building China market success using Western sales and marketing approaches seldom works.

China Centric Associates’ core team of Managing Directors has been working together on China-based initiatives for over two decades. During the 1990’s, as executives of RELTEC Corporation (the telecom equipment subsidiary of Reliance Electric Company that became a KKR portfolio company), the current China Centric team started four China manufacturing companies focused on selling products into the China market. By 2000, these businesses had reached an annual sales run rate of USD 100 million.  

China Centric Associates has developed a comprehensive and field-proven methodology to China market success. 


Market Development Strategy