Below is a partial list of some of the Private Equity Clients

we have worked with:

China’s commercial and regulatory environment is significantly different than the West. Consequently, Private Equity Groups acquiring North American companies that have China based manufacturing, sales, or supply chains need in-country operational due diligence and other acquisition support services that complement legal and accounting due diligence.

China Centric works with Private Equity Groups and their Portfolio Companies throughout the duration of an acquisition, starting from the Letter of Intent phase through Post Closing requirements. Our partners have extensive China experience both running businesses as well as providing due diligence for all operating aspects of the transaction process.

China Centric has worked with over 25 Private Equity Groups in more than 100 projects including acquisition support, custom market research, market entry, operational turnaround, operational due diligence, and advisement. Our over arching goal of each project is to protect our Client’s interests and increase the overall enterprise value of their portfolio companies.

Our ability to effectively communicate with our Clients is important. Each project is led and developed by our U.S. team. Execution of each project is performed and led by a combination of our U.S. and China-based teams in multiple offices across China. Our U.S. team handles the coordination and communication between the Private Equity Group or platform company for the duration of each assignment.

Private Equity Acquisition Support