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Your China/Asian Intelligence Desk program

What’s Intelligence Desk program?

Are you still struggling to search the question on the web, or don’t know who to ask? Are you concerned about the qualification of who they ask? Are you still worry about expensive fees charged by lawyer or other professional firms? Are you concerned that the question is too small to be paid attention to the law firm or other professional firms?

CCA is offering a program, Intelligence Desk. Clients, who have specific questions regarding China/Asia such as market, in/out, regulation, supply chain, HR, finance, tax etc., may send these questions/concern to CCA. CCA’s professional team will answer these questions or address your concern within 48 hours. It’s limited to one question every time. This program is designed for companies who want to enter China/Asia market, or who is having existence in China/Asia, or who want to quit China/Asia market for other options, or who just have special interest in understanding more of China/Asia business climate. If you’re in preliminary stage and need more info helps your decision for next step, this program is perfect for you.
Who will work for answering your questions/addressing your concern?

CCA Intelligence Desk committee is led by Philip Shih, founder and Chief of Staff at CCA, who is an expert with more than 35 years and over 27 years of expat position in China and Asia across a wide range of functions including general management, engineering, operations, sales, marketing, and R&D. Phil is both an experienced corporate executive and a successful entrepreneur who can bring not only extensive Fortune 500 operating expertise but also entrepreneur green field operation experience and sprit to CCA clients. Phil also was one of co-founder of AmCham Chengdu. This CCA Intelligence Desk committee consists of general management, engineering, marketing, and sales experience in multinational Fortune 500 companies and equips with "on-the-ground" know-how. After leaving the manufacturing and technology industry, CCA Intelligence Desk committee members work in China Centric Associates for more than 15 years in management consulting area.

How much does it cost?

The charge is $250 per question. CCA would address your concern directly and quickly. If your question needs to be answered in more depth or require additional committee in person assistance, we might charge a little more but will be very happy to discuss it with you ahead of time. CCA will fully refund if you’re not satisfied the answer.

Who should I contact for this program?

Please send your inquiry to CCA would contact you after receiving your question.

Note: CCA Intelligence Desk Business Terms applies.

CCA  Intelligence Desk

A round table committee of China/Asia experts dedicated to YOU