China Centric Hosted Facilities

Where Experience and Execution Converge


China Hosted Facility and Administration

  • Turn-key small office start-up, administration, internal control and oversight services.

  • Overcome administrative, human resource and internal control challenges operating a small staff team half way around the world. 

  • China Centric Hosted China Office Services:
    • Entity formation project management for trading companies, services companies, representative sales offices;
    • Dedicated office space;
    • Shared office infrastructure and equipment;
    • Cash management and banking services;
    • Payroll management and benefit administration (incl. recruiting);
    • Entity accounting and management reporting to U.S. client company;
    • Tax reporting coordination in China;
    • Value-Added-Tax management;
    • Full China regulatory compliance oversight;
    • Administrative oversight of client China staff;
    • “Surge” project capacity access to China Centric team in China