• Effective China strategy and business programs must be built on an accurate fact-based understanding of the China market structures, drivers and influences
    • Projecting Western market paradigms to China market leads to common underachievement
    • China market maturity, structure cultural and regulatory considerations are commonly different from Western experience
    • Mapping, analyzing and integrating a fact-based profile of specific market spaces is a critical success factor for any company entering China
  • China Centric has conducted custom market research on a wide range of industries
    • Developing competitive profiles and mining critical market intelligence required by clients to develop informed strategic programs
    • China Centric executes a structured collaborative market research process that matches specific client China competitive intelligent needs with experienced China Centric management experience in China
      • China Centric professionals have started and managed integrated manufacturing, R&D, sales and marketing and supply chain business in China for over 25 years​
    • Deliverable include deep-dive and fact-based market and competitive intelligent profiles customized to client needs

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China Market Research Process

China Market Research