• At this time, travel to Asia is very limited and the expected timeframe to return to pre-COVID travel norms is undetermined:​​
    • U.S. to Asia air travel options are essentially non-existent today
    • Uncertain timing as to when companies and individual U.S. managers will regain comfort and confidence to travel to Asia

  • Although many business activities can be done virtually, some critically important activities must be done locally.

  • Many activities will be inefficient without in-person contact with suppliers, customers, employees and other 3rd party agencies.

  • CCA’s in-region team of 23 professionals, led by experienced executives, delivers senior management and tactical business support – filling the void that travel obstacles will inevitably create.

  • CCA’s extensive capabilities provide the ability to offer the following services on behalf of our clients:
    • Supply chain and outsourced management projects
    • Customer and sales channel management
    • Operations oversight and general project management

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Post-COVID19 Support